“Hope in the LORD! For with the LORD there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption.” - Psalm 130:7 


Who are we?

Rooted in God’s Word and the Good News of life available through Jesus, we are a church that:

-Invites the people around us into our lives and into God’s family.

-Seeks the good of our neighbors and our city.

We work with other churches in our area to introduce as many people as possible to the story, grace and power of Jesus. Our gracious sending church is Living Hope Church.

We are committed to practicing hospitality and service, welcoming and helping those around us in the name of Jesus.

“In Luke’s Gospel Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal… Some push mission beyond the scope of ‘ordinary’ Christians. But the Son of Man came eating and drinking (Luke 7:34). It’s not complicated. True, it’s not always easy, but it’s not complicated - if you share a meal three or four times a week and you have a passion for Jesus, then you will be building up the Christian community and reaching out in mission.”

-Tim Chester, A Meal With Jesus

We are currently sharing a meal and worshipping together every Sunday night.

We meet in the Walnut Grove/Yates area of East Memphis, and we would love for you to join us. Click the button below and let us know you plan on attending; we will get you details about where and when for this week. You can also click here with any questions.



Our Leadership

Greg Jackson, Lead Pastor

In their current East Memphis neighborhood for the past 4 years, Greg and Brienne felt the call to plant a new church in the area where they live. Bringing in people from their sending church, Living Hope, and new friends and partners in ministry from the neighborhood, they launched the Table in January of 2019. Greg has been in local church ministry for over 20 years, as both a Student Pastor and Mission Pastor. Brienne is a certified financial planner and incredible mom. Ada (4) and Lyla (2) are the best neighbors and servants in the family.

Roy Bowery, Elder

God's preparation for Roy's service as an elder hit a milestone 48 years ago when a college classmate taught him that Jesus Christ had set him free from legalism to live a life pleasing to God by faith.

Years later Judy entered the scene through a crazy love story that started before he met her and who is still, after 30 years, the sweet love of his life. God blessed them with three wonderful sons, who now with their own families share a love for Christ.

Through Roy's job at a university and Judy's work as a nurse, they are still learning about walking with Christ in transparency with others at The Table.

Austin Smith, Elder

Austin is Memphis native but spent most of his young adult life in rural North West Tennessee.  Austin received new life in Jesus at the age of 20 and met his wife Brandi while attending community college soon after.  Together they raise three beautiful girls and hope to reflect the abundance of mercy that they have received, to their children and their neighbors.  The Smith’s are excited to see God calling people to Himself through the ordinary lives of His people here in Memphis and across the globe.

Please consider joining us financially in this effort. Help us plant a Jesus and neighbor-loving church that plants other churches in our region and beyond.